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    Local Pickup & Delivery Policy

    Local Pickup Policy

    Local pickup is available 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday free of charge.

    Orders will be available for you to pick up, up to 48 hours from the initial selected pickup time. After 48 hours, we will cancel your order and refund your payment, minus a 15% restocking fee.

    If your order includes coffee, please allow us a minimum of 3 hours to prepare your order.

    If you need to add an item(s) to your order, you must contact us prior to picking up. 

    Directions for local pick up:

    • Upon arrival, please call our office at 336-316-1256 to let us know you are here and the busniess name under which the pickup was scheduled.
    • Pickup location is at our warehouse, not the main front office. You will need to enter the second entrance and pull up on the loading ramp. A member of our warehouse team will meet you to load your order.
    • Our warehouse team cannot accept payments and cannot prepare orders for you on the spot. We kindly request that all necessary payments and order preparations are completed prior to your arrival for pickup.
    Delivery Policy

    Delivery orders must be placed by 10:00 am the day prior to your delivery. This means, if your delivery is on Tuesday, you must have your order placed by 10:00 am Monday. Delivery orders placed after 10:00 am the day before your scheduled delivery may not be processed. You will be notified 2-weeks in advance of your scheduled delivery day if there has been a change made due to holiday hours.

    Please note the following specifics for placing orders:

    • All local deliveries have a $250 order minimum and all non-local deliveries have a $350 order minimum.
    • All deliveries will have a diesel fuel surcharge fee of $5.
    • Orders placed after 10:00 am the day prior to your delivery maybe subject to a $10 late fee.
    • If there is a specific request that you would like to make for your delivery, this must be included in the delivery notes section at checkout. If the request is not made at that time, we cannot guarantee that the request will be fulfilled for your delivery. 
    If you need to add an item(s) to your order after it has been placed, this must be done by 5:30 pm the day prior to your delivery by contacting our office. Any add on request after this time, we cannot guarantee they will be added on your order the morning of your delivery before our trucks leave the warehouse.

    If there is an item that you do not wish to keep, you can refuse it and send it back with the driver. If you refuse a product, you must contact us by email explaining what item you refused. Upon receiving the product back at our warehouse, we will apply a credit to your account and send an email conformation. For returns that are not same day, please view our return policy.

    We cannot guarantee a specific time that your delivery will be received. If you need your delivery by a specific time, please included this in the delivery notes at checkout or contact our office and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

    If you have any questions regarding a local pick up or delivery, please contact our office.