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    EDUCATION At Fortuna, we love learning almost as much as we love coffee. We’re constantly growing our own knowledge and skills, and we’re eager to share what we know with you. CONSULTATION Our consultants have decades of combined industry experience and will help optimize performance in every aspect of your business with personalized, targeted solutions. We specialize in the implementation of cutting-edge technology and creative strategies to take your business to the next level! LEARN MORE BARISTA TRAINING Knowledge and confidence are what your baristas need to create masterpieces for your customers. The proper training will ensure that you get the most out of your newly purchased equipment by providing your staff with the confidence necessary for their operation and maintenance. SCHEDULE COFFEE TASTINGS A coffee tasting at Fortuna goes beyond a lesson in flavor profiles: It’s a way to fine-tune your coffee preferences, learn the difference between coffee varieties, create a coffee blend specifically tailored to your tastes, and more. SCHEDULE ROUTINE MAINTENANCE Your coffee and espresso machines work hard to keep your customers happy, and you can return the favor with regular cleaning and maintenance. Follow our guides for instructions to keep your equipment in tip-top shape. VIEW GUIDE