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    COFFEE Here at Fortuna, coffee is what we’re known for. Just as we are here to help your business from concept to completion, we are also involved with our coffee from bean to cup. ORIGINS Fortuna sources its coffee from over twenty different countries. When importing beans, we prioritize every opportunity to work with efforts focusing on sustainability and equity throughout the coffee value chain. Each growing region we source from delivers unique profiles in the cup and is traceable back to the individual families and farmers themselves. OUR COFFEES ROASTING ROOM Our roasting team applies their experience and talent to the science of coffee roasting to develop the best expression in every coffee origin. Aroma, color, time, and taste are all factors in our hands-on approach to ensure perfectly roasted coffee every time. COFFEE TASTING A coffee tasting at Fortuna goes beyond a lesson in flavor profiles: It’s a way to fine-tune your coffee preferences; learn the difference between coffee varieties; create a coffee blend specifically tailored to your tastes; and more. SCHEDULE BARISTA TRAINING Knowledge and confidence are what your baristas need to create masterpieces for your customers. The proper training will ensure that you get the most out of your newly purchased equipment by providing your staff with the confidence necessary for their operation and maintenance. Schedule your training today! SCHEDULE PRIVATE LABELING At Fortuna, we offer the opportunity to elevate your brand by creating your own privately labeled coffees. With a private label, your business can offer specialty coffees to your customers while increasing brand recognition. Begin your retail coffee journey with us today! CONTACT