Suggested Espresso Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance


After Every Drink

Rinse and wipe out portafilter

Purge the steam wand before and after each drink and wipe it with a clean damp bar towel.


After A Rush Or A Line Of Drinks

Scrub each grouphead with a brush and hot water.


End Of Day

Backflush with Cafiza

Use a small amount of Cafiza and back wash each group 6 times at 10 seconds each.

After rinsing the Cafiza from the blind filter, backwash the group with water at least 6 times at 6-10 seconds per cycle. It is important to backwash with water after detergent run. If not rinsed properly, Cafiza dries overnight and blocks the water pathways that lead to the group.

Remove baskets from portafilters and soak both in Cafiza solution for at least an hour, then wash thoroughly.

Leave portafilters in groupheads overnight to prevent gaskets from drying and cracking.

Always pull a throwaway shot first thing in the morning to remove cleaning residue.



Remove portafilters to unscrew shower screens and wiggle screwdriver under dispersion block to remove (this is applicable only to machines that have screens with a screw in the middle) Espressa, Wega and a few other 61 group machines don’t have this option.

Soak both in Cafiza solution for at least an hour, and then wash thoroughly.

Pull a throwaway shot first thing in the morning to remove cleaning residue.

Run Grindz through the grinder to remove oils that have built up throughout the week.



Remove hopper from the grinder and empty the beans.

Wash thoroughly with warm soapy water and allow the hopper to dry completely before replacing on the grinder.

Optional: Remove the upper burr, and vacuum out coffee particles.


Twice A Year

Replace grouphead gaskets to avoid water leaking around the portafilter and to maintain necessary levels of pressure.

Replace cartridges in your water filtration system.

It is a small expense that saves a lot of maintenance money in the long run and provides better quality drinks.


Every 2 Years

We recommend to have the machine examined by a Fortuna certified technician. During this visit our technician will replace the vacuum valves, steam and hot water valve gaskets, perform an acid treatment to remove lime and scale, service the water pump, and recalibrate the pressure.