What is your roasting philosophy?

We firmly believe that the best beans are the freshest beans. We only roast when you order it—no roasted beans languish on our shelves, losing freshness and flavor.

I ordered a certain coffee last week and this week it’s out of stock. How is that possible?

Coffee is a natural, traded commodity, with beans being harvested only at certain times of the year for certain origins. At times, the harvest is completely consumed and we have to wait until the crop is ready to be harvested again. If you do find that your favorite is out of stock, please contact us. We have a wide variety of beans at all times and will work to find a bean with the same flavor profile as your favorite.

What if another item I order is out of stock?

While we make every possible effort to ensure a fully stocked warehouse, at rare times, we might be out of stock on a certain item. If an item is out of stock, we will recommend a substitute.

Am I eligible for delivery?

We currently deliver to an extensive area of NC. To find out if your area is covered, please contact us. For areas outside the immediate delivery area, we offer several shipping programs to ensure your order arrives in a timely manner.

Is there an order minimum for delivery?

For deliveries within 30 miles of Greensboro, we ask that orders be $250. For deliveries outside 30 miles of Greensboro, we request that orders be $350.

What if I don’t have delivery minimum?

For large orders that don't quite reach the minimum, there will be a $10 delivery fee. For just a few items, we will be happy to ship FedEx Ground to you.

When are delivery orders due?

Once you have created an account, you will be set up with an official bi-weekly delivery day. We ask that all orders be received in house by no later than 10am the day before your delivery (e.g. if your delivery day falls on a Wednesday, your order will be due by 10am on Tuesday). This will allow us ample time to roast the coffee, have the warehouse pull the rest of your order and double check it for accuracy.

May I pick up my order directly from your offices?

We welcome you to stop by to pick up an order. We ask that you give us a two hour advanced notice to allow us the time to properly roast, assemble your order and double check for accuracy.

What are my shipping options?

For smaller orders, we ship via FedEx ground. We ship in such volume that we have obtained extremely low price points from FedEx. We only charge the actual price—no shipping and handling fees.

For larger orders, we utilize a number of trucking lines to ensure timely delivery in your area and very economical prices.

If I place a shipping order today, when may I expect it to ship out?

All orders received before noon will ship out the same day. Orders received after noon will be shipped the next business day.

Is there a minimum for shipping orders?

No minimum. Order exactly what you need.

Do you sell to end users?

CoffeeShopSolutions.com is a wholesale site only. Visit www.FortunaCoffee.com for retail coffee purchases.