More than a century after its conception, “1883 de Philibert Routin” still delivers a syrup with genuine tastes and a French touch. They use no artificial ingredients, contain no fat or cholesterol, and utilize only the purest French Alpine water and natural coloring of the plants within. With more than 40 flavors ranging from caramel to kiwi to lavender, 1883 syrups are the perfect addition to espresso, hot chocolate, cocktails, granitas, and Italian sodas. Each flavor of 1883 de Philibert Routin will immerse you into the true taste of nature and will awaken your senses.

  • use only natural ingredients/no artificial ingredients
  • no fat, no cholesterol
  • color is brought out by ingredients, not dyes
  • widest range of flavors available
  • more product for your money

Products Available:

1 Liter Syrups:
Blue Curaçao
French Vanilla
Frosted Mint
Green Mint
Iced Mint
Iced Tea Concentrate
Irish Cream
Lemon Pie
Macadamia Nut
Passion Fruit
Peach Tea
Pink Grapefruit
Pumpkin Spice
Pure Cane Sugar
Roasted Hazelnut
Sour Green Apple
Toasted Marshmallow
Toffee Crunch
Triple Sec
White Chocolate
Yellow Lemon

Sugar Free:

250ml Syrups:
Irish Cream

White Chocolate

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Arctic Air

Arctic Air is a commercial, single door, reach-in refrigerator and freezer manufacturer owned by Broich Enterprises and located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. All units are certified to NSF "Store Anything" Standard 7 and hundreds of dollars less expensive than competitive brands. It’s easy to understand why Arctic Air sells for less with such a domestically beautiful, yet commercially functional product.
  • certified to NSF standards
  • Attractive and functional products
  • Price point is their best feature
  • Outstanding durability

Products Available:

R22CW Reach-In Refrigerator

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: The commercial blender market has seen many changes in the recent past. Smoothies and frozen coffees are just the latest products to create their own market segment. Blendtec has joined with major retailers as well as local operations in providing the public with the best blended taste available. Today, Blendtec blenders are found worldwide; innovation and customer service are hallmark traits of Blendtec. Over 10 years ago Blendtec, developed the first blender to use a microprocessor-governed motor. No buttons, switches, or knobs. Later they developed a patented sound enclosure and the first blender with programmability, auto-start and stop, and safety-interlock features. Blendtec leads the industry in innovation. A look at the products proves Blendtec is years ahead of the pack.
  • Unprecedented performance
  • Blendtec pioneered technology
  • Coffee-specific blend cycles
  • Most powerful blenders on the market
  • Reliable and durable products

Products Available:

Smoother Blender
EZ Blender

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Boosta Shot

: Standing as the only botanical-based energy mix on the market, Boosta Shot is sugar free and has no artificial caffeine. Ingredients include taurine for brain stimulation, guarana seed for a gentle boost, and panax ginseng to balance and counter the effects of stress. It also contains levels of vitamin B6 that are a perfect addition to a vegetarian or vegan diet. The boost lasts three to five hours without the “back-end crash” competing energy supplements are notorious for. And with its neutral taste, you can add Boosta Shot to the beverage of your choice without altering the taste. Create “hand-crafted” energy drinks for your customers; they’ll love that it is made-to-order and you’ll love its higher profits than ready-made energy drinks. Boosta Shot is the energy you want, added to the beverage you choose.
  • Botanical based
  • No artificial caffeine
  • Won’t alter taste

Products Available:

Neutral Energy Mix 1 liter Bottles
Neutral Energy Mix Pouches
Bottle Pump
Neutral Mix Pouch Display Rack

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: Bunn is a family owned and operated business offering a full array of beverage solutions for more than 50 years. The Bunn name is the mark of quality in beverage equipment and foodservice worldwide.

Products Available:

Infusion Tea Brewer
6-Position Airpot Display Rack
Dual Hopper Grinder
Gourmet Splashguard Funnel
Quick-Change Filtration System
Dual Satellite Brewer
Twin Airpot Brewer
Adventage Coffee-iser Stand
Grindz and Tabz Cleaning System
Thermofresh Baseless Server and Stand
Portion Control Grinder
4-Position Hopper Display Rack
Plastic Display Hopper
Gourmet Coffee Filters
Lever-Action Airpots

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: Motyka for the Greek, Motuca for the Romans, Mohac for the Arabs. During its millenary history, the Sicilian city of Modice has been part of the greatest civilization, the Arabs. They were “discoverers and great coffee consumers” and inspired the name of the Moak company. New and ancient at the same time, they have been roasting and distributing coffee since 1967. Since then, Moak has always been improving in size, quality, and trademark diffusion. Moak’s success is rated by fans around the world who all agree its taste is fantastic, and that is the bottom line. This is a small chapter in the great history of coffee culture. It is a short story of a long-lasting tradition. This is Moak, the coffee people enjoy.

  • Perfect balance of Arabica and Robusta beans
  • Blends available for every type of espresso lover
  • Dedication to consistence in freshness and taste
  • Better product than competitors at a lesser cost

Products Available:

POS Shot Glass
POS Sign
POS Napkin Holder
POS Latte Cup Set
POS Cappuccino Cup Set
POS Espresso Cup Set
Bar Ground Coffee
Decaf Espresso Pods
Espresso Bar Beans
Decaf Ground Espresso
Ground 100% Arabica Beans
Brasilea Bar Beans
Stella Bar Beans
Servito Bar Beans

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: Jimex introduced ColdTech refrigeration systems to the foodservice industry in 1998 and, during the first year of sales, increased gross sales by 600%. Ever since, Jimex has been highly regarded as manufacturers of the most innovative and affordable units in the industry.


Products Available:

Single Door Merchandising Freezer

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: Continental Refrigerator, a division of National Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Products Inc, is a major manufacturer of commercial refrigeration. Over time, their full line of reach-in refrigerators, freezers and warming cabinets has been refined and has expanded to include over 1250 models. Continental Refrigerator now manufactures sandwich units, under-counter/worktop refrigerators and freezers, pizza prep tables, griddle stands, milk coolers, bottle, keg, and back bar coolers, glass and plate chillers, roll-in/roll-thru units, and fish file cabinets. All of their merchandise is environmentally safe utilizing CFC-Free refrigerants in both refrigerators and freezers. In addition to the food service industry, Continental Refrigerator markets worldwide to businesses whose cooling requirements are very demanding, such as: the scientific, pharmaceutical, maritime and government sectors. They’ve built their reputation on service and quality. Knowing what their customers need is essential to their mission to successfully meet the needs of the food service industry. Your satisfaction is their Number One Priority!

Products Available:

Double-Door Worktop Refrigerator

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Cool Capp

: Cool Capp creates, markets, distributes and sells specialty beverage mixtures which make it easy to offer your customers a huge variety of taste-tempting, freshly-prepared, specialty beverages. Whether it’s the indulgent relaxation of a Chai Capps™ Tea Latte, the frothy exhilaration of a Cool Capps™ Blended Iced Coffee, or the creamy refreshment of a Cool Creamz™, Cool Capp has a product your customers will love. Each comes in a variety of flavors. Combine them with coffee, syrups or other ingredients to make these delicious beverages even more unique. Cool Capp® provides complete support with recipes, marketing and promotional programs.

  • Wide array of flavors; something for everyone
  • Quick to mix in-store
  • Customers just love it!

Products Available:

Dutch Apple
Green Tea
Signature Hot Cocoa
No Sugar Added Vanilla

Blue Raspberry Lemonade
Bubble Gum
Cotton Candy
Green Apple

Lite Capps:
Lite Cappuccino
Lite Mocha
Lite Vanilla

Cool Creamz (Coffee Free):
Chocolate Raspberry
Double Fudge
Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Smoothie Base
White Chocolate

Cool Teaz:
Passion Fruit
Peach Jasmine
Real Matcha Green
White Tea Latte

Cool Capps (Coffee Blended):
Caramel Latte
Coffee Toffee
Cookies & Cream
Java Chip
Java Java
Malted Mocha
Mint Chip
Peanut Butter
Decaf Cappuccino
Decaf Mocha
Decaf Vanilla
No Sugar Added Mocha
No Sugar Added Vanilla

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: Part of coffee’s success is to be attributed to all the people involved in the production of espresso coffee machines, such as Elektra, the Italian company that bases its work techniques on the finest craftsmanship values. Commitment, creativity and initiative are the features which clearly distinguish the Elektra company, owned by the Fregnan family, where father and sons combine tradition to innovative concepts with outstanding results. Elektra’s mission is to supply a total quality product with an elegant and refined design as to effectively make it a “multi-purpose interior design element”. It is essential to know that before being delivered, every machine is tested non-stop for 48 hours; but besides testing the fully-assembled machine, all the machine parts, of which over 80% are manufactured in the company, are also scrupulously tried and tested. From production to packing all the models are thoroughly and minutely checked with packing carried out manually as to assure highest protection during shipping. If one considers the long life and enhancement this product gives to any interior its design acquires special significance and the company is well aware that this feature has always guaranteed successful models which are winners both in classical and modern themes.
  • A family business that is committed to excellence
  • Consistently reliable and beautiful machines
  • Makes a great espresso drink every time!

Products Available:

Nivola Pod Machine
Belle Epoque Two-Group Machine in Copper and Chrome
Barlume Chrome Two-Group Machine

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: With years of experience, Fagor based their company on the products of the competitors…only better. Fagor products are built to last and easily convertible. They use American parts so there is no layover time if replacements are ever needed. Their customer service covers every city in the US and with such competitive pricing; it’s easy to see Fagor is a great choice!


Products Available:

FWF-60 Worktop Freezer

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G&A Commercial

: G&A Commercial Seating Products Corporation is a manufacturer of an extensive line of superior quality wood, metal, and aluminum seating products, table tops, and table bases for the restaurant, bar, and hospitality industries. For over 20 years, their reputation has been built on skilled workmanship, reliability, unparalleled customer service and competitive prices. They work with countless frame finishes, fabrics, and vinyl to meet each customer’s specific seating design needs.

Products Available:

Ladderback Barstool
Ladderback Chair
Wicker Stackable Chair
Napa Wood Chair
Aluminum Finish Chair
Aluminum Swirl Tables
Laminate Table Tops (in various finishes)
Wooden Table Tops (in various finishes)
Black Cast Iron Table Bases (in various models)
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: If your reputation depends on the quality and flavor of what you serve, you have a lot in common with America’s oldest chocolate company: Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. Ghirardelli chocolate is legendary. You can taste the heritage of 150 years of fine chocolate in every product we provide. That rich, smooth, intense flavor carries over into every product in which Ghirardelli chocolate is an ingredient. Each Ghirardelli product has a unique and deliciously robust flavor. The attention to quality is the legacy of chocolatier Domingo Ghirardelli, who brought his European-style chocolates to San Francisco in 1852. A century and a half later, the signature intense Ghirardelli taste can still be found in everything we make.
  • Commitment to quality
  • Richest, most versatile chocolate on the market
  • 150 years experience

Products Available:

Sauce Stand
Dark Chocolate Mint Squares
Milk Chocolate Squares
Chocolate Caramel Squares
Dark Chocolate Squares
Dark Chocolate Mini-Chips
White Chocolate Frappe Powder
Double Chocolate Frappe Powder
Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Powder
White Chocolate Sweet Ground Powder
Double Chocolate Sweet Ground Powder
Creamy Caramel Sauce
Classic White Sauce
Sweet Ground Chocolate Sauce

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: Hershey’s is one of the industry’s leading branded sweet ingredient suppliers. We offer a broad line of branded products including cocoa, syrup, toppings, and chips for your culinary needs. C reate and enhance your own signature recipes using Hershey’s, Reese’s, and Heath branded products across all dayparts.
  • World famous reputation in chocolate
  • Bottom line: its delicious
  • Affordable

Products Available:

Classic Chocolate Syrup
Peanut Butter Sauce

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: A professional chef’s kitchen is also an art studio, and the true artist works with only the finest tools available. The right tools let the artist create without thinking about whether that specific tool is up to the task; it’s simply taken for granted that it is. That’s why the world’s most successful chefs, the most highly regarded restaurants, America’s most revered culinary schools, and even the nation’s most renowned gourmet coffee chains all use iSi kitchen tools both “behind the scenes” and before the public. These experts and institutions demand the best and know that only iSi can be counted on to stand up under the rigorous pressures of the professional kitchen environment year after year. And they also know that everything iSi makes for the professional does the job exactly as it is designed to do. Because reputations are made on flawless performance, rely on iSi.

Products Available:

Thermo Xpress Whipper
Professional Soda Siphons
Cream Chargers
Soda Chargers
Cream Profi Whip

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: Koppers originated the Chocolate-Covered Espresso Bean over 35 years ago and is recognized for setting the worldwide trend of marrying fine chocolate with coffee. While the Koppers’ name denotes sophisticated innovation, it equally conveys the highest quality. Koppers confections have been honored numerous times, both nationally and internationally. Each bite-sized piece of Koppers chocolate is a work of art. This combination of unique idea and unparalleled quality is what separates Koppers from the rest.

Products Available:

Espresso Caramels
Tiramisu Covered Almonds
NY 6-Flavor Espresso Mix
Mocha Coffee Lentils
Original Chocolate Espresso Beans

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: Manitowoc Ice Machines are the cutting edge of technology and conservation in the commercial market. They focus innovations on sanitation, energy savings, noise reduction, and easy of serviceability. Their technologies allow Manitowoc ice machines to achieve the highest levels of energy and water conservation while maintaining superior performance and a sleek appearance. Manitowoc is the most trusted leader in energy friendly products; it will save your environment and your power bill. Choose the best…Manitowoc.


Products Available:

QM45 Commercial Ice Machine

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Mountain Cider Company

: Direct from the luscious apple orchards of Vermont, Mountain Cider Company’s Spiced Cider Concentrate is the most delicious coffee alternative on the market today. Needing no refrigeration and with its mess-free pump and convenient jug, you won’t lose valuable space. Hot cider is a traditional favorite for kids and kids-at-heart and now, extremely profitable for customers to carry, costing less than 30 cents per serving. More than 50% of the US population does not drink coffee and Hot Spiced Cider is the perfect, all-natural substitute for a morning latte.

  • Needs no refrigeration, space efficient
  • Maximizes profits
  • 100% natural cider

Products Available:

Spiced Cider Concentrate
Cider Bottle Pump

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: Novus boasts “a modern take on an ancient tradition” and they certainly fulfill their own motto. They utilize whole, loose leaf teas to allow each flavor to be truly savored. Tea connoisseurs will be impressed from the beginning when they see the newly engineered foil packaging. Novus’ unique wrappers keep the leaves from breaking during delivery and maintain unprecedented freshness within. Their teabags are also unique in that they utilize a translucent Nylon, pyramid design. These exclusive bags eliminate the need for a strainer and allow more water to flow through, maximizing the flavor of each leaf. Waiting for the tea to steep, it is a treat to watch the hand-picked leaves and colorful herbs release their respective flavors in a masterful blend of tastes and aromas. Novus teas create a delightfully satisfying and lasting impression in every taste.
  • pyramid shape for maximum flavor extraction
  • looks beautiful for customer presentation

Products Available:

6-Pocket Tea Chest
3-Pocket Tea Chest
Standing Display Rack
Pai Mu Tan White Tea
Persian Pomegranate Tea
Egyptian Mint Tea
Wild Encounter Tea
Citrus Chamomile Tea
Organic Jasmine Green Tea
Organic Sencha Green Tea
Dragon Well Tea
Spiced Chai Tea
Kenilworth Ceylon Tea
Darjeeling Black Tea
South Indian Select Tea
Earl Gray Sapphire Tea

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: With unparalleled artistry and imagination, Numi is one of the fastest growing herbal tea companies on the market today. Not only do they boast all the health benefits of regular herbal teas, they also pride themselves on providing hand-blended, certified organic, and 100% recyclable products. Every teabag is guaranteed to be packed with the essential anti-oxidants needed to help maintain a healthy body and the vitamins to boost a healthy immune system. In addition to all this, Numi believes customers deserve to get the most out of their tea; each bag averages 2.2 grams of whole, flavorful tea as opposed to the average 1.8 grams of partial leaves, dust, and oils in the products of competitors. With Numi, customers will undoubtedly experience the magnificent balance of quality and authenticity.
  • Pure, organic teas
  • Fair-trade and sustainable
  • Full leaf quality

Products Available:

Foodservice Teas:
Berried Treasure
High Mountain Black

Bushmen’s Brew
Desert Dry Lime
Red Mellow Bush
Simply Mint
Spiced Rooibos
Sweet Meadows

White Teas:
Moonlight Spice
Osmanthus Spring
Velvet Garden

Green Teas:
Gen Mai Cha
Ginger Sun
Monkey King
Rainforest Green
Temple of Heaven

Black Teas: Fruitea Darjeeling Indian Night Italian Bergamot Morning Rise Spiced Assam
Yunnan Black

Assorted Products:
Loose Tea Filters
Mini Bamboo Box Set
Dancing Leaves Flowering Set
Bamboo Display Stand
Teahouse Glass Teapot
4-Count Cherry Display Box
Assorted Melange Collection
8-Count Foodservice Rack
12-Count Foodservice Rack

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Oregon Chai

: Chai is no longer just a coffeehouse staple, it has become a must-have for other segments with a specialty coffee and beverage offering. Ask anyone, “Who created the Chai category in the U.S.?” and odds are that they’ll tell you “Oregon Chai.” So why not serve the Chai brand that combines the flavor and brand identity your customers expect with the operational ease you demand? At Oregon Chai, nirvana is now available by the cup.

  • #1 chai in America
  • Super concentrates are flavorful and maximize profits

Products Available:

Original Sugar Free Chai
Original Chai Tea Packets
Extra Spicy Super Concentrate
Original Chai Foodservice Carton

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Smoothie Essentials

: Smoothie Essentials is determined to bring high-quality, natural, and healthy supplements to their customers. They use only the freshest herbs and of course, no preservatives, to maximize the efficiency of their eighteen essential blends. In addition to freshness, all the blends are certified vegetarian and most are caffeine free; those that are not have only small traces of natural caffeine and are at much lower levels than brand name sodas. They are 100% colorless and flavorless so the drink you add them to will maintain its greatest flavor. With a blend to supplement almost any need, why wouldn’t you experience the herbal blends your body needs in the drink your taste buds want? Simple…Natural…Essential.

  • All natural products
  • Don’t alter your drink
  • Unbeatable health benefits
  • Blend to fit any customer’s need

Products Available:

Whey Protein Blend
Calcium Blend
Fiber Blend
Hangover Blend
Matcha GT
Green Blend
Relaxing Blend
Soy Protein Blend
Flu Fighter Blend
Protein Blend
Fat Stripper Blend
Multivitamin Blend
Smart Blend
Antioxidant Blend
Energy Blend

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: For the most delicious fruit smoothies on the market today, look no further than TeaWAVE. Gathering their fruit from its native regions, customers can be assured of getting the freshest and highest quality smoothies possible. Utilizing the antioxidant power of caffeine-free Rooibos tea, TeaWAVE smoothies are a leader in nutritious treats; each smoothie is packed with iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and fluoride. Unlike their competitors, they have developed a way to create delicious beverages without the use of high fructose corn syrup; instead, they use only the finest grade natural cane sugar. Coming in ten spectacular flavors, it’s easy to see why TeaWAVE comes out on top. Taste the difference and experience the quality!
  • Packed with nutrition
  • Delicious flavors
  • No HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)

Products Available:

Tropical Temptation
Piña Colada
Superfruit Antioxidant
Sour Green Apple
Banana Bliss
Strawberry Sensation
Strawberry Banana
Peachy Keen
Wildberry Desire
Mango Fusion

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: With the supreme quality of Swiss Alpine Water, the delicious nature of infused teas, and the health power of a whole host of antioxidants, Venga drinks are clearly a new generation of functional beverages. They naturally enhance a water-base with exotic juices to add vitamins and throw out all artificial ingredients, colors, and preservatives. Coming in 6 incredible flavors, each drink is unique in its functionality so that customers get exactly the nutrients they need for whatever kind of day they are having. As if Venga didn’t already beat out the competition, they use no artificial sweeteners like those found in other brands. To describe these phenomenal infusions, Venga’s slogan says it all: “Just the best of what Mother Nature has to offer. And a little more.”
  • 100% preservative free
  • All natural ingredients
  • More delicious than competition
  • Committed to the nutritional best

Products Available:

Heath and Zen
Daily Dose
Calorie Burn

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: If you haven’t tasted Silk Soymilk, you’re in for a treat! Not only is Silk one of the healthiest drink choices out there, it’s also a taste sensation you’ll crave. Wake up to a refreshing glass of Silk; substitute it in your morning latte; dip a cookie … then dip again. Sure, they’re the top choice for nutrition, but don’t hold it against them! Your health-conscious and vegan customers will thank you for keep in it stock. You might try Silk for your health, but you’ll come back for the sheer tasty pleasure of it.

  • Through-the-roof health benefits
  • Appealing to vegetarian/vegan customers
  • Adds richness to any espresso drink
  • Coffeehouse blend is ideal for frothing

Products Available:

Original Soymilk
Coffeehouse Soymilk

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: They are committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction through product excellence, personal attention and prompt service. Let DISPENSE-RITE introduce you to the world's largest selection of quality cup dispensers, as well as a complete selection of dispensing products for lids, straws, condiments, napkins and ice cream cones.

Products Available:

10-Compartment Organizer
4-Compartment Organizer
Counter Organizer
4-Section Lid Organizer
6-Section Lid and Cup Organizer

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: Everpure is the professional choice for water you can trust; it is the only true commercial grade drinking water system for demanding homeowners and small business owners. Taste the difference. Everything made with Everpure filtered water tastes better.
  • Purest, freshest water
  • Keeps your machines in top working condition

Products Available:

Ice Machine Filtration System Java Jacket (Java Jacket.jpg): Java Jacket is without a doubt the best insulating cup sleeve on the market. Using 100% recycled, 90% post-consumer paper, these sleeves are earth friendly and reusable. Superior grip and satisfaction guaranteed make any other choice just obsolete.

Products Available:

Java Jacket Holder
White Java Jackets
Kraft Java Jackets

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: At Solo Foodservice, it’s their mission to provide well-engineered, high-performance products for every operation and application. Whatever the menu, they’ll deliver solutions that work. It is obvious to see the importance of selecting the right disposables to showcase coffee shop products and enhance the patron’s drink experience. As operator needs and consumer demands evolve, Solo Foodservice is combining their expertise in plastic thermoforming, paper conversion, and plastic injection molding with a renewed commitment to product development. Expect great things!

Products Available:

Portion Cups and Lids
White and Black Travel Lids
White, Mistique, and Bistro Print Cups (assorted sizes)

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Island Rose

: At Island Rose, they focus on blending and producing the finest teas available. Using only the highest quality products and exclusive Organic tea harvests, they carefully create not only the finest traditional blends, but also some unique and exciting flavor combinations. Island Rose's objective is to bring the ultimate selection of black, green, fruit, herbal and premium teas unmatched in aroma, flavor and quality, directly to their customers. Not only do the delicate flavors of Island Rose tea taste great, they can also contribute to a healthy body and mind!

Products Available:

Organic Bergamot
Bimini Mint
Cat Island Chamomile
Organic Ceylon Rose
Commonwealth Tradition
Exuma Lemon
Green Lime
Long Island Cola
Mandarin Lapacho
Mummy’s Passion
Orange Fountain
Rum Vanilla
Strawberry Vanilla
Experience the Variety

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